Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries are designed to provide power to a variety of applications and devices when a mains power source is not available. These batteries are often used in outdoor settings, such as camping trips, boating, and caravanning. They are also used in applications where a reliable and durable power source is needed, such as in golf carts and other electric vehicles.

First National Battery is a leading producer of leisure batteries, with a comprehensive range of products designed to meet a variety of needs. Some of the specific applications for which First National Battery produces leisure batteries include:

Caravan Batteries: Caravan batteries are designed to provide reliable power to caravans and other mobile homes. They are often deep cycle batteries, which means they can be discharged and recharged multiple times without damaging the battery.

Marine Batteries: These batteries are specifically designed for use in boats and other watercraft. They are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, with features such as corrosion-resistant terminals and heavy-duty construction.

Portable Television Batteries: These batteries are designed to power portable televisions and other small electronic devices. They are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to transport.

Golf Carts/Trojan Batteries: These batteries are used to power electric golf carts and other electric vehicles. They are designed to provide reliable power over long periods of time, making them ideal for use in applications where a durable power source is needed.

These batteries are built to provide reliable power in a variety of settings and are designed to meet the specific needs of each application.


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